Saturday, September 21, 2013

Come September!

    Three pictures taken at sunset on September 20, 2013

With the Equinox just two days away, sunsets are creeping closer to 5.20 p.m. Sunrise is still before 5.15 a.m. so the husband is happy that the tea gets a little over the prescribed eleven hours and fifteen minutes of daylight.
We had a very wet start to September, but a hot and dry fortnight followed. If only we had some moderation - regular rainfall and not too many ups and downs in temperature! Equinoctial thoughts.
Sunset and sunrise follow a steady pattern, climate change or no climate change. I give you good even.
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Hot shots!

namaki said...

nice colorful sky

Shirley said...

Yes, that's one thing global warming doesn't seem to affect: sunrise and sunset. These are lovely!

Shey said...

Lovely colors at the end of the day.